• Application fee - $100
  • Examination - $350 (Both Levels)
  • Temporary License - $150 (12 months)‚Äč
  • Original License fee - $150 (Both Levels)
  • Renewal fee - $150 (LMFT), $175 (LCMFT)
  • Reinstatement - $150 (LMFT), $175 (LCMFT) plus late renewal penalty fee(both levels)*
  • Duplicate License - $20
  • Duplicate Wallet card - $2
  • Written verification of a license - $5 per credential

*Marriage and family therapists are assessed a late renewal penalty fee of $5 for each full 30-day period of delay beyond the expiration date and for each portion of such a 30-day period. The maximum late fee shall be $150 for LMFT and $175 for LCMFT.

Late renewal fees are assessed pursuant to the statutory language of each credentialed profession. Social worker, psychologist, professional counselors, master’s level psychologist, and addiction counselors are assessed a late renewal penalty fee equal to the renewal fee.

Marriage & Family Therapists


This is for new applicants for marriage and family therapy licensure.  Licensure requirements are:

  • Marriage & Family Therapist

  • LCMFT Training Plan

  • Clincial Marriage and Family Therapists

Transition Application Requirements:

This is for marriage and family therapists currently licensed in another state seeking to be licensed in Kansas.  Licensure requirements are:

This is for currently licensed marriage and family therapists at the independent level.  When approved a temporary permit will allow for 15 days of practice in Kansas for the current calendar year.